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New installation of compact pita bread oven & semi automatic manakish pies equipments in USA

FARHAT has accomplished a new installation of manaula pita bread oven and semi-automatic compact pita line and manakish equipments in USA. This bakery is modern small

bakery where all baked goods are done in front of customers.

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Installation of lebanese pita bread automatic line at Habibi Bakery - Germany

FARHAT has installed 3 rows arabic pita line at Habibi Bakery, Berlin, Germany.

This line is completly built in stainless steel and manufactured according to TUV and CE normes.


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New installation of lebanese & Arabic pita bread automatic line in Malaysia

FARHAT has installed its first arabic pita automatic line in Malaysia at Abalfadhl Sdn Bhd Bakery.

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New installation oval pocket pitta bread automatic line in Cyprus


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FARHAT has installed new pitta line in Cyprus for oval pitta bread, the oven, flattener and proofers are modified to produce thick oval pitta bread

pita bread equipment installation at KARAM Industria Et Commercio in Brazil

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installation of 4 rows pita bread automatic line & equipment in USA

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New installation for arabic pita bread making machines in Netherland

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pita dough sheeter                                                                                                                   pita bread oven

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pita bread cooling conveyors                                                                                                    automatic pita bread bagger and closing system

first pocket pita bread bakery in Moscow installed by FARHAT
photoes are coming soon......
first arabic pita automatic line in Iran

FARHAT is installaing first arabic pita automatic line in Iran.

photoes are coming soon......

The new Yammine Bakery, Kaslik highway is being equiped by FARHAT bakery equipment Lebanon

A complet stainless steel 2 rows arabic lebanese bread line and kaak breadsticks grissini machine, fully automated with new technology being installed by FARHAT at Yammine Bakery in Lebanon.

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installation of arabic bread equipment in Jordan

FARHAT is installing a complet 2 rows stainless steel arabic bread line at the new branch of Al-Hamawi Bakery (owner of Al-Soufara Bakery), this line is totally automated and being installed for the first time in Jordan.

As well as FARHAT is replacing the old 2 rows divider and sheeter at Al-Soufara Bakery by FARHAT new models totally stainless steel and equiped with PLC and human touch interface

Pictures will be posted when installation accomplished 


FARHAT has accomplished 2 installations in U.K , pita arabic bread line in London & Oval Cyprus pitta at Tasty Bake in Berningham
Pictures coming soon...........................